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Customer Service: 0800 211 8101

New Business: 0800 211 8109

Events Management: 020 3287 3089

Registered in England & Wales 10158046

Head Office:
Wynyard Park House, Wynyard Avenue, Wynyard, TS22 5TB

Scottish Regional Office:
95 West Regent St, Glasgow, G2 2BA

Southern Regional Office:
Suite 305-307, Churchill House, 120 Bunns Lane, Mill Hill, London NW7 2AS

Did you know?
1/3 of the workforce has turned down a job due to lack of perks.

#CentralusFacts #VIPerks #EnhancedEmployment #ResourcesForHumans #EmployeeEngagement

For us at Centralus, the key to any successful business has always been the human experience. Therefore, we designed solutions to increase engagement in the workplace for both temporary and permanent employees because every worker is worth it.

We take pride in shaping the future of employment; where people stay engaged, motivated, self-driven and eager to excel, upgrade their skills and unlock their potential, leading their organisations to excellence.

#EnhancedEmployment #ResourcesForHumans

Did you know?

#Centralus #EnhancedEmployment #ResourcesForHumans #EmployeeEngagement #VIPerks #CentralusFacts

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