Your Personal Co-Employment Organisation

What is a Co-Employment Organisation?
This business model has been conquering the US for over 3 decades now and Centralus is adapting it to the UK market today. It provides simple, fast, cost-effective and customer-focused solutions for all businesses. Administrative and legislative responsibilities associated with HR, Payroll, Perks are handled by our experts; ensuring accuracy, promptness and peace of mind.

Proactive compliance
Certified professionals offer their guidance to guarantee your compliance by monitoring and keeping up with the latest legislation changes in employment.

What’s so special about it?
It empowers businesses. Buying power, of products and services, increases by pooling all employees of client companies into a Co-Employment organisation’s arrangement. Everyone has access to multi-national perks which include: medical, wellbeing, discounts and pensions invested in high performing funds.

Our goal is to make you the best employer
By joining us, you get access to provide perks to your employees. This basically makes them proud to work for an employer who truly cares for them and their families’ welfare. Once word gets around, everyone will want to work for you.

What does it offer?
Simply by joining our Co-Employment Organisation, you will no longer have to deal with administrative or legislative issues associated with:

  • Business Protection
  • VIP Employee Perks
  • Workplace Pension Planning
  • Payroll Support & Payment