Jonathan Michael Beckerlegge

The Future of Employment

Centralus was created to offer comprehensive employment solutions.
The world of employment was changing according to industry needs.
As a result, Centralus responded by introducing an enhanced employment model into the UK market; an Employee Engagement Consultancy.

On a personal level, we encountered a new employee mentality: “If I work for you, what am I going to get out of it?”  They perceive their skills in demand and their bargaining power has strengthened. Lifestyle and personal development issues are also considered priority.

From a corporate perspective, the approach of aligning employees around company values seemed to work in the past, but not any more. A new employment relationship was needed, beyond the boundaries of direct employment, where employees connect emotionally with a higher shared purpose. Steve Jobs in Apple had a definite shared purpose and on that, he built a powerhouse.

The new corporate employee balance had to be branded inside the company. It’s what we call THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR: You have to appeal to your employees’ best nature, understand their life goals. Surprise them with delightful offers on things they had never thought of buying, creating opportunities of excitement in their life. With such a deep connection, the potential for success is immense.

What you say to them is less important than what you do for them.

The Co-Employment Community

Legal and financial business protection is included along with complimentary
blue chip benefits for their employees.

Centralus PLC introduces the highly successful US business model to the UK that has been running strong for over 30 years. 87% of smaller US businesses use this model and it looks like the UK will respond the same way. We have already attracted big national clients such as Toni & Guy and Cash Converters. However, hundreds of smaller businesses and start-ups have benefited also. By joining the co-employment organization, these clients offer the joint employees blue chip rewards that they previously could not afford. Our mission is to revolutionise the employment industry. In the next five years alone, we aim to have 100,000 employees under our co-employment organisation.

Jonathan Beckerlegge, our Chairman, believes that this is the future of employment in the UK, and that all employees should have access to lifestyle upgrade benefits. Businesses invest months in training their teams only to have employees leave. The cycle of hiring and training starts again, costing more time and money.

“In the next 20 years, all employers, big or small, will be offering blue chip benefits to attract and retain talented people. Centralus wants to make it easy for employers to offer benefits from within one big employment community”.

Our Board of Directors

Jonathan Michael Beckerlegge

Jonathan Michael Beckerlegge is the Chairman of the PLC board and the designated member of Centralus Operations LLP. His key relevant skills and achievements are:

  • Chairman of Sovereign Global Partnership LLP, which is an international corporate accountancy firm that specialises in forensic accounting
  • Lay member, Director and Chair of the Audit & Integrated Governance Committee of the East Riding of Yorkshire CCG
  • Appointed Governor, Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Having over 26 years of experience in corporate management, and being a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, his professional achievements include:

  • Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants   (ACCA) council between 1989-2007, International President 2002-2003
  • Member of the Ethics Working Party of the Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens (FEE) specifically related to payroll matters
  • Extensive committee and task force experience including Ethics, Governance, Audit, Chairman of the Italian bilateral committee for 10 years
  • International lecturing tour for ACCA and CITB in the UK and Far East, along with seminars for Wolfsberg, the UBS think tank

Mahmoud Zuaiter
Group Finance Director

Mahmoud Zuaiter has 25 years of cross cultural experience in corporate finance and management, which includes: legal, investment, accounting, supervision and negotiation. He is a recongnised international business leader with the following key achievements:

  • Managing Director, Jordan Projects for Touristic Developments, which is now preparing for a $210M IPO
  • Various senior management positions including Group Chief

Financial Officer at Orascom Development Holding AG, where he led a series of IPOs for 500M CHF (£355M). Orascom was one of the largest construction and hospitality companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Jonathan Beckerlegge is an FCCA; a former President of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), one of the largest UK and global professional accountancy bodies. Today, he serves on its board and disciplinary panel. His commercial and professional experience is extensive. He has always been involved in payroll and chaired the Ethics Committee of the Federation des Expert Comptables Européens (FEE). He wrote the ethics and compliance guidelines to which all of the major professional accountancy governing bodies in Europe still require their members to adhere.

In January 2016, Jonathan Beckerlegges’ long-term associate, Mahmoud Zuaiter, joined the group as Group Finance Director to contribute his finance skills. Mahmoud Zuaiter is an international corporate finance executive. He took Orascom to a full listing on the Swiss stock exchange and was Group Finance Director for one of the largest construction and hospitality companies in M.E.N.A. (Middle East & North Africa).

Both, Jonathan Beckerlegge and Mahmoud Zuaiter, will be delighted to provide further information at our seminars to discuss any matters about their views on the markets and how Centralus helps its clients.

Our Teams

Our Team of Experts

HR Legal Support team

When your HR team needs professional legal advice, our employment law experts are here to support you. The qualified consultants guide you through any employment matters, support you on key legislation changes and documents while protecting your business from legal complications.


Without having to take on any of the relevant responsibilities, you can offer your employees promising funds for their investment. That is the only step you, as an employer, have to take. All administration, legislation and liability associated with employee pensions are handled by our experts.

Payroll Support and Payments

Centralus payroll is designed to help you focus on your business. Our payroll specialists manage processing, calculate taxes & national insurance contributions and submit RTI to HMRC. They make sure that employees’ wages are accurate and paid on time. You can choose to keep your payroll accountant or staff and still have the support of our payments compliance experts.

Innovations Team

Innovation is vital for the long-lasting prosperity of any business. That’s why our team has unique responses to changing industry demands. They are constantly innovating technologies and services to help you and your employees simplify your lives and succeed in every field of your operations.

Customer Experience Team

The Customer Experience team members act as our client ambassadors. Our dedicated professionals collect complex data and transform it into valuable insights. They understand what the client wants, needs, likes or dislikes. Our customers are priority in every decision.

Communications & Marketing Team

A creative group, full of enthusiasm and strategic minds with one thing in common: believing that client success stories are the most powerful means of communication. With a strong ability to access many perspectives, our team creates and implements the marketing strategy to make the initial contact with you.

Sales Team

The Centralus salespeople are our true relationship developers. Our experienced sales managers have a deep understanding of customer needs. They are always available to answer questions and clarify what we offer. Our salespeople become the first of many trusted contacts for our customers.

‘Getting Started’ Team

When you decide to join us, this is the team that takes you by the hand and guides you through a few easy steps to become part of our community. They work hard backstage so there is no disruption to your or your employees’ daily schedules. The experience has been carefully designed so your needs are anticipated. The choice of services and control of your employees remains with you.

Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service team is here to offer you star treatment. They are at your disposal to support you and perfect your client experience with Centralus. These are the magicians who answer any question and make your problems disappear.

6 immediate ways your business will benefit from using
a Co-Employment Organisation

Instant access to blue chip
Employee Benefits

Your business will grow
7% to 9% faster with us

Your personal
Employment Law Expert 

Your business will reduce
employee turnover

You will be less likely
to go out of business

Increased participation
in Retirement Savings Plans

What we offer

Gain the competitive advantage by accessing multi-national benefits, usually offered to large companies, including: medical, wellbeing, discounts and pensions invested in high performing funds.

Payroll, taxes and payments need to be handled by experts to ensure accuracy, punctuality and compliance.

Get the highest level of protection. Secure a rewarding pension for a better quality of life when you retire.

Employment laws are constantly changing and are quite challenging to keep up with. Your own personal HR Lawyer is here to protect you from any risks.

“Join the biggest employment revolution in the UK.
The Centralus Co-Employment Organisation makes it possible for all employees to finally enjoy the same benefits that multi-national companies offer…immediately.”

Jonathan Michael Beckerlegge