Employee Engagement Transforms Your Business

We have developed a range of tools that are designed to help your business achieve outstanding employee engagement that leads to increased productivity.

Staff engagement and cultural development are our primary targets for your business.

We have changed the game with our exceptional VIP Perks that are the building blocks of employee engagement and motivation thanks to:

The VIP Medical Care

that provides a personal GP 24/7 to employees and their families, care support and a dedicated medical specialist.

The VIP Wellbeing

that offers health information, a health assessment plus a confidential helpline for reducing pressures faced at work or at home, on a daily basis.

The VIP Lifestyle

a discount portal of top brands plus insurance.

The VIP Employee

which ensures that employees are paid on time, every time, plus granting them a truly rewarding pension scheme.

Your employees can access our new, encrypted, fully GDPR-compliant e-payslips online, securely and hassle-free.

Trust, productivity, and inspiration arise from investing in your team’s happiness. Inspire your employees while building a community and meaningful relationships with them.

We’re offering a 30-day trial of all these perks, to you and your employees, at no obligation.

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