For those who support children and take care of ageing parents, it is a stressful undertaking that consumes time and energy, as you juggle career and care for your loved ones. Centralus provides you with a care support service that lifts this burden, relieving you of stress and restoring your work-life balance.

Help and advice
Centralus’ care support is there to help you explore possible options for taking care of your loved ones, including:
• Practical support
• Financial support
• Emergency care services
• Technology & care services
• Preparing for hospital
• Coming home from hospital
• Changing care home
• Legal support

A solution for all care needs
Care support is a service that helps you find the best advice, support, and products for your loved ones’ care needs.

You are guided through a vast range of options to choose whatever suits their needs best. Minimise the time and money to search for this support.

Professional advice tailored to every need
The advisors will support you on a case-by-case basis to find the best possible solution for you and your loved ones.

A dedicated expert
The expert advisors are always at your disposal to help you navigate through the most suitable care options, just a phone call away.