As history has demonstrated, the future of employment requires greater and greater responsibilities of the employer towards the employee. Forward-thinking employers have recognised that delegating some of their employment responsibilities to others, those requiring time and resources without generating revenue, is the way to success.

Centralus is the first organisation to implement the shared employment responsibility model in the UK. Professional employer organisations have changed the way business is done in the United States for over thirty years, where targeted expertise deals with the administration of employees and supports HR departments in growing businesses.

We have managed to adapt and implement a derivative of this successful formula, perfectly adjusted to the UK market and its regulations. Our organisation revolves around the dynamics of employment, the way we care for the employer, the employee, their relationship and our support towards this relationship. We care for our client companies’ employees from within one, powerful community that enhances the buying power of products and services.

Centralus started as a company that provided payroll services. Salaries have always been the essential link between employers and their employees. We managed to establish ourselves in the market by treating a standard procedure, which nevertheless requires attention and accuracy, as a fundamental process that keeps a business healthy.

We expanded our services into the field of auto enrolment, identifying employers’ needs as legislation changed the playing field. The onus now falls on employers to get their workforce into pension schemes. Their management and HR people have to sacrifice time and resources to fulfill their new responsibilities. For example, in auto enrolment, they must keep track and retain records of employees opting in or out, re-enrolling and be able to answer all the relevant queries. What if employers were able to do this with minimum fuss and offered their employees a fabulous workplace pension as well? We set out to answer that question and in one step, both the employer and employee get added value from the result.

Keeping up with the developments in employment law is a task by itself and not all businesses have in-house legal support. Many employers need the crucial advice of a legal expert to keep track of what the law requires and the practical day-to-day actions while complying and keeping the relationship between the business and its employees healthy. Having legal expertise is an asset, which transforms legislative obstacles into protected business practices.

Our latest, and most important, expansion, VIP Perks, actually expresses the way we see employment as a whole. Our vision of the workplace of tomorrow is centred around the employee.

Much has been noted on how offering perks to company staff helps attract and retain talent and differentiates companies that invest in perks from competitors who don’t. At Centralus, we believe that the real VIPs are the employees; the people who make the effort, inspire change and instigate innovation that leads every company to success.

We believe that the way employees are engaged reflects on how they engage with customers. Simply put, the way employers treat employees translates into the way they treat their customers. Every customer wants to be treated like a VIP in order to purchase more than once, get upgraded and share, by word-of-mouth, exceptional services. Subsequently, to make customers feel like VIPs, businesses need to engage with their employees, hence the VIP perks for employees.

The word VIP is directly linked to the concept of privilege. Our VIP perks not only give access to lifestyle upgrades, memberships and services that are normally reserved for the few. Most importantly, they support work-life balance, which is lost due to daily pressures.

Inevitably, when employers offer recognition and rewards to their employees, they reinforce company culture and employees make a deliberate effort to contribute to its goals and targets. The perks demonstrate that employee contribution is valued and individuals are rewarded for their dedicated time and effort. Dedication is not the outcome of a cold employment contract; it’s the belief that employers care about their workforce who, in turn, cares for their clients.

The buying power of numbers is as immense as their creative and productive capacities. As our client base grows, so does our bargaining power with the top brands; as the number of employees in our care increases, the cost of services per head decreases.

What’s next? Whatever the employer and employee need to thrive on, in workplaces designed to foster inspiration, gratitude and growth. We continue to anticipate the needs of the relationship between employer and employee. From there, we create the next offering, and our services expand.

We take pride in our contributions to shape the future of employment, where people stay engaged, motivated, self-driven and eager to excel. They evolve, upgrade their skills and unlock their potential, which leads their organisations to excellence.