May 25th – Are You Ready?

All businesses are required to be prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The UK relies on the Data Protection Act 1998, which will be superseded by the GDPR on May 25.


The EU wants to give people more control over the use of their personal data, aiming to increase trust in the emerging digital economy. This will occur by protecting the fundamental right to privacy and by making sure that data is kept for as long as business demands deem it necessary. The EU wants to create a simpler legal environment that will apply throughout the single market.

What are the main GDPR challenges?

1. The Data Subject Access Requests

Anybody can make a request to any organisation on processing their personal data. However, different forms of documentation often make it difficult to provide this information.

2. Data Leaks

Data leaks usually occur through human error or hacking. GDPR puts the onus on companies to safeguard data.

How does Centralus ensure data protection?

Centralus ensures that your professional reputation remains unharmed by providing an online portal, which is password protected and complies with the GDPR encryption requirements. E-payslips can be easily retrieved and printed.

Our data / document exchange portal, provided by SSLP, guarantees that all files sent are encrypted with a full audit trail. We also retain personal data only for a specified period of time, as required by Data Protection legislation.

For enhanced safety:

In the event of a data breach, it is required that the company sends a notification requirement to the parties involved. It is also required that every organisation has a DPO (Data Protection Officer).

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